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As a philanthropic entrepreneur, Abundance Group Trust and Dr. Gina can help you to:

  • Mitigate your taxes in perpetuity
  • Protect your investments and assets
  • Create a financial legacy just like the ultra-wealthy do!

When you're done finding out about how Abundance Group Trust can change everything for you, your family and future heirs, your business, and even the world, be sure to schedule a Complimentary Consultation with a member of our team!

As a graduate of Notre Dame Law School, our Founder, Dr. Gina Gaudio-Grace, shares your interest in leaving a legacy but being profitable and abundant at the same time! 

That's why Abundance Group Trust has put together this very special opportunity for business owners, investors, at-risk professionals, and retired people who have assets to protect. 

When you watch this interview on the next page, you'll learn how you can:

  • Legally Mitigate Your Tax Liability. Eliminate Capital Gains Taxes (without ever doing another 1031 exchange!) and defer taxes on Passive Income in Perpetuity (including State and Federal Taxes)

  • Obtain Ironclad Asset Protection. Creditors, plaintiffs, and others are not likely to ever reach any assets held in this type of Trust.

  • Grow generational wealth. Leave a bigger legacy for your heirs when your Trust continues to exist until 21 years after the death of the last heir to the last Beneficiary!

  • Maintain complete privacy. With this contractual Trust, you don't ever register it with anyone and it is an entity completely separate from you!

  • Protect personal and business assets. 

  • Eliminate Probate, Gift, and Estate Taxes.

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