Discover the “Abundance Method” for:

  • Growing wealth and leaving a legacy for generations to come!
  • Deferring income taxes in perpetuity
  • Eliminating capital gains (without having to do a 1031 exchanges)
  • Getting ironclad protection for all of your personal and business assets!

why work with us?

Over 50+ Years Combined Experience in Estate Planning, Business Strategy, and Solving Client's Problems!

Over 39,000+ Trusts Providing Asset Protection

and Tax Mitigation for Clients!

Asset Protection

We have several different Asset Protection Trusts we offer. These Trusts can provide many asset protection solutions, with proven track records of successful results.

Tax Mitigation

The Abundance Group’s copyrighted Non-Grantor, Irrevocable, Complex, Discretionary, Spendthrift Trusts provides utmost legal protection and tax advantages for all our clients.

Leaving A Legacy

The Specialized Trust is set up for 21 year renewable option.  If the Trustee decides to end the Trust, they could and would pay the tax on the entire value of the Trust.

We’d love to talk about your trust options!