IRS Compliant Trusts

An introductory conversation with Dr. Gina Gaudio-Grace

IRS Compliant Trusts have Three Primary Benefits:

1. Ironclad Asset Protection... Judgment Proof (unless a fraudulent conveyance)

2. Tax Mitigation: Defer Capital Gains and Passive Income in Perpetuity (including State and Federal Taxes)

3. Eliminate Probate, Gift and Estate Taxes

Bonus Benefits

1. Bonus: Donate 100% of Income to a Non-Profit, including Private Family Foundations

2. Bonus: Privacy, no online record of your personal name and address

In this short webinar you’ll also learn:

  • Why 2020 was the end of self-settled Grantor trusts (if you’ve heard of trusts before, these are 99% of the trusts out there and may not be valid in the coming years.)
  • The power and tax benefits of selling your assets to a trust, vs gifting them.
  • How this trust was used to defeat an eminent domain case.
  • How you can donate 100% of the profit of the trust to a Private Family Foundation and leave a legacy that lasts generations.
  • How the trust can pay for Education expenses for the trustee and beneficiaries without the need for special accounts like a 529 or tuition credit advanced purchase.
  • How this kind of trust can qualify for mortgages and car leases/loans and build its own credit, separate from your personal credit/personal guarantee.
  • How this kind of trust is protected from beneficiaries suing and forcing the breakup of the trust.

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