Private Trust Company (PTC)

What's a Private Trust Company (PTC)?

A Private Trust Company is a company created to be the trustee of one, or more than one, family trusts; a PTC cannot solicit business with the public, their sole purpose is to act as the trustee for a trust or related trusts. It is generally used by families wishing to ensure their Wyoming trust is well maintained and well run and so that they can have a say in the trust’s decisions.

Is a PTC Right for You?

One of the main benefits of a PTC is the level of control and privacy the trustor (you) has over the trust’s finances. A PTC is run by a board of directors in charge of making decisions, just like any other company. The benefit is that you can appoint any number of family members, trusted business partners, or legal experts to this board. You can even appoint yourself. The trust’s finances are therefore in the hands of people you can rely on. And because these are people you can rely on a PTC maintains more confidentiality than a large and highly regulated international financial institution.

In today’s world, financial circumstances can change day to day. With a PTC you can react quickly to these changing circumstances, because your board of directors will be more familiar with the transactions of the company than a corporate trustee. Therefore, they can be more efficient when reacting to those changing circumstances.

Lastly, with a PTC many trusts can be unified under a single set of laws, instead of differing jurisdictions. Decision making is therefore simplified and more effective. Succession is also simplified under a PTC. There is a clear hierarchy of decision making that obviates the messy legal battles that can occur with trusts.

If you would like to maintain a high level of control over your family’s trusts, maintain privacy, increase your flexibility in the face of changing circumstances, and simplifying the hierarchy of control, then a Private Trust Company is probably right for you.