643 Compliant Trusts

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643 Compliant Trusts have Three Primary Benefits:

1. Ironclad Asset Protection... Judgment Proof (unless a fraudulent conveyance)

2. Tax Mitigation: Eliminate Capital Gains Taxes (without ever doing another 1031 exchange!) and defer taxes on Passive Income in Perpetuity (including State and Federal Taxes)

3. Eliminate Probate, Gift and Estate Taxes

Bonus Benefits

1. Bonus: Donate 100% of your Taxable, Active Business Income to your own Non-Profit (a Private Family Foundation) and enjoy a $0 tax liability annually - LEGALLY!

2. Bonus: Privacy, no online record of your personal name and address and a different name in public record for all of your properties!

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You’ll learn:

  • Why 2020 was the end of self-settled Grantor trusts (if you’ve heard of trusts before, these are 99% of the trusts out there and may not be valid in the coming years.)
  • The power and tax benefits of selling your assets to a trust, vs gifting them.
  • How this trust was used to defeat an eminent domain case.
  • How you can donate 100% of the profit of the trust to a Private Family Foundation and leave a legacy that lasts generations.
  • How the trust can pay for Education expenses for the trustee and beneficiaries without the need for special accounts like a 529 or tuition credit advanced purchase.
  • How this kind of trust can qualify for mortgages and car leases/loans and build its own credit, separate from your personal credit/personal guarantee.
  • How this kind of trust is protected from beneficiaries suing and forcing the breakup of the trust.

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