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Save Up To 90% on Capital Gains With The Most Bullet-Proof Trust in America!

(Including Crypto!)

Those who are serious about protecting their privacy and assets while reducing their capital gains tax liability understand one thing clearly...

“It is not what you earn. It is what you keep!”

  • So much has changed in the information age: Earning revenue and access to markets has become easier. But keeping revenue has become more complex.
  • The digital age has made whole new markets possible: Ecommerce (Amazon), Decentralized Bookings (Uber & AirBnB), Digital Currency (Bitcoin) and Social Media (FaceBook).
  • Experts are calling it Industry 4.0: We are experiencing a renaissance of Ubiquitous Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Digital Currency and Always On Connectivity.

Your Identity, Your Business, And Your Wealth Are At Risk

What was a blessing has become a curse...

While access to information and people is just a mouse click away, this means your privacy, your IP, your asset listing, your revenue that is supposedly safe in a secure database, can be compromised by a hacker sitting in a café and sold to the highest bidder on the Dark Web.

Fortunately, some things are not affected by technology. The hidden fundamentals of wealth protection and management have not changed.

Since the beginning of the modern industrial era with Carnegie (Steel), Rockefeller (Oil) and JP Morgan (Banking), business structure secrets have been hidden from the masses and will continue to be closely guarded to make sure that those who build massive enterprises continue to thrive and prosper.

Old books and dusty libraries hold the information needed to navigate this rapidly changing landscape. 

We have extracted these 120 year old wealth and asset management methodologies and systems for you and modernized them for use in the digital age.

The Same Tool That Protects the Assets and Wealth Of The Country's Most Powerful Families Is Now Available To You!

We Will Show You How To...

Legally Defer Up to 90% of Your Capital Gains Taxes in Perpetuity

It's built right into the U.S. tax code. We'll show you where and we'll show you how to use the perfect trust instrument to put irrevocable protections in place.

Protect Your Assets

Litigation and seizure worries go away when you put the right trust to work for your business. Whether you invest in crypto, normal stocks, or both, you are at risk of losing it all without this strategy.

Understand Trusts and Private Foundations

Every question you have about how trusts work, how to know you're getting a good trust vs. a scam, and how to chain trusts in certain situations to protect personal, business, and nonprofit assets.

Protect Privacy, Avoid Probate

Learn how you can protect your privacy and avoid probate court while building generational wealth. Seamless generational asset and privacy protection is possible when you do it the right way!

Take a closer look at the heavily guarded secrets of the wealthiest people and companies in America!

  • They don't use LLCs!
  • They don't use traditional family trusts!

Read every word of this page. Then fill out a short questionnaire before talking to one of our elite Trust Advisors to get your questions answered. The Abundance Group team holds the secrets and the talent to provide you with an infrastructure that is designed for the next 5 generations and beyond. 

We will show you the concepts that the ultra wealthy have been using for the last 120 years (over a century) to legally minimize taxes, mitigate litigation, and eliminate estate dismantling. 

With the proper trust instrument, you and your family can be protected for generations to come!

Asset Protection

As a Business Owner and/or Investor, it is essential that you make specific plans to protect yourself and your assets from potential lawsuits and high taxes!  This is critical, especially if you have significant assets or are at risk of personal injury lawsuits.

The Abundance Group’s copyrighted: Non-Grantor, Irrevocable, Complex, Discretionary, Spendthrift Trust provides the utmost legal protection and tax advantages for all our clients that can:

  • Sustain your privacy
  • Lessen your need for high levels of liability insurance
  • Provide a fundamentally judgment-proof environment for your assets
  • Allow you to transfer your wealth to future generations without having any gift tax, probate tax, or estate tax issues
  • Provide the ability to obtain long term care and still qualify for Medi-Cal without having long waiting periods
  • Reduce your annual tax liability

It is critical that your Asset Protection Trust be set up… long before you need it!

Unlike many Irrevocable Trusts, you, as the Trustee, can be in complete control of your trust assets without the expected liabilities in the past. Your assets held in one of our Asset Protection Trusts are largely not affected by lawsuits, liens, tax levies, or bankruptcy and you get the added benefit of maintaining your privacy (and the privacy of your heirs).  

We offer several different Asset Protection Trusts 

These Trusts can provide many asset protection solutions, that are basically selected from the following types of trusts, with proven track records of successful results.

  • The Business Trust and Personal Trust that can maintain your privacy; reduce umbrella liability insurance, making you virtually judgment-proof, and reducing your annual  income tax liabilities.
  • An Intellectual Property Trust (IP Trust) which makes any income derived from Intellectual Property 100% tax deferred. This includes royalties, book sales, coaching programs, masterminds, SaaS platforms (software as a service), and even consulting.
  • A Simple Asset Protection Trust that can maintain your privacy; reduce umbrella liability insurance, making you virtually judgment-proof, however, does not mitigate taxes.
  • A Real Estate Investment Trust that allows syndicators to have investors investing in the Trust
  • A Private Family Foundation which allows property to be sold and not pay capital gains. This trust has a charitable purpose and allows the client to receive a salary from the foundation.

An Irrevocable Trust is a Trust that has specific legal language that states any assets in this Trust cannot go back into the Settlor’s names and the Settlor will have no control over those assets.

This means that if a creditor has a claim against you, they cannot collect from the assets in the Irrevocable Trusts. These types of Trusts are established for asset protection during the life of the Settlors and estate planning for end of life asset distributions.

Our Trusts were written to comply with Scott on Trust Law, the 3rd Restatement of Trusts and the Internal Revenue Code. This was done so the Trust Corpus would be protected from turnover orders by any court or judge, with the exception of fraudulent conveyance.


The IRS law says “there has to be a possibility for an end of the Trust for there to be a possibility of tax.” 

The Abundance Group Trust is set up for a 21 year renewable option (this can be done generationally until the last of the beneficiaries and their heirs deceases).  

If the Trustee decided to end the Trust, he or she could and would pay the tax on the entire value of the Trust.

Every business situation is different.

Take the next step and get your questions answered. We have created the best system available for wealth protection for you. Truly, our trust instrument has no equal on the market today. And we'll prove it to you beyond a shadow of doubt.

We will listen to your situation and provide you with a customized wealth and asset protection plan that is designed for the next 5 generations and beyond. 

Time is not your friend. Your family is depending on you to get the information to protect their future. Take the next step now!

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