Asset Protection and Tax Mitigation Trusts

Watch the live webinar recorded early January 2023 for more in-depth info that is likely to get your questions answered!

After watching the Interview and the Webinar Replay, you should have a high level understanding of the benefits these Proprietary, Copyrighted Trusts can provide for you, your family and heroes, and your businesses. But the videos probably brought up other questions.

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As you'll soon see when you meet with Dr. Gina or a member of her team, Abundance Group Trust is truly here to serve you and all of our clients! Help us to understand how you make your money, your immediate family structure, and the legacy you want to leave, and we'll design a leveraged strategy to give you the best asset protection and tax mitigation available for your circumstances!

Normally, Dr. Gina bills her time at $500 per hour or more. But she loves working with entrepreneurs, especially those who are philanthropic. That's why your consultation is complimentary!

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