Sign Up For Professional Headshots / Photography Session At The Event!

Here’s your chance to get your professional headshots, speaker shots!

Do you need professional photos taken for your websites (foundation, business, real estate investing)?

You’ve seen those professional pictures of people pointing to a product or house. Wouldn’t it be great to have your own?

Meet Professional Photographer Ken Rochon

Ken will be shooting our event photos and will be on hand to do professional photo sessions with our clients at the event. He has done shoots for some of the biggest names in DC and Hollywood and they pay him big bucks to do photo shoots with them.

But because he’s a longtime friend and business associate, you can get your professional photo shoot for only $197!

Be sure to secure your spot as we expect available time to sellout quickly!

Book a Photoshoot for You Alone or You and a Spouse/Partner Together

You can use this for yourself alone, or as a photo shoot with you and your spouse or partner together in the same shoot.

Book an additional separate photoshoot for a spouse/partner for only $97.00 more. (Save $100!)

Save $100 get get an additional completely separate photo shoot for a spouse / partner!