Learn How To Copy The Ultra Wealthy And Drastically Reduce Capital Gains Liability!

(Including Crypto!)

If you're serious about protecting your privacy and assets while reducing your capital gains tax liability, please read on...

There's a secret tool that the truly wealthy know that a lot of "rich" people know nothing about.

You've no doubt heard about trusts. Family trusts, spendthrift trusts, IP trusts. But knowing about them and knowing how to use them for ironclad, legal protection of privacy, assets, and earnings are two different things.

That's precisely why we've put together this course. In it, you will learn about the different trust instruments the wealthy use to build and protect generational wealth. Without this protection, you are a sitting duck for lawsuits, asset seizure, and unnecessarily huge tax bills.

Introducing Capital Gains Tax Strategies That Actually Work!

Here’s What You’ll Learn...

How to Legally Defer Up to 90% of Your Capital Gains Taxes in Perpetuity

It's built right into the U.S. tax code. We'll show you where and we'll show you how to use the perfect trust instrument to put irrevocable protections in place.

Protect Your Assets

Litigation and seizure worries go away when you put the right trust to work for your business. Whether you invest in crypto, normal stocks, or both, you are at risk of losing it all without this strategy.

Trusts and Private Foundations

Every question you have about how trusts work, how to know you're getting a good trust vs. a scam, and how to chain trusts in certain situations to protect personal, business, and nonprofit assets.

Privacy, Probate

Learn how you can protect your privacy and avoid probate court while building generational wealth. Seamless generational asset and privacy protection is possible when you do it the right way!


Module 1: Land, Personal, Non-Grantor, Spendthrift, and Irrevocable Trusts

These powerful financial instruments can do a lot for you and your legacy if applied properly to your situation. Sometimes one trust will do fine. Others, depending on your business, will require 2-3 trusts. Knowing what they do and how they work is Step 1.


Module 2: Crypto Capital Gains and Trusts

The IRS is tracking and hunting down everyone who isn't taking crypto capital gains taxes seriously. They know what you have and they are boldly coming after it. Unless crypto assets are shielded properly, an enormous chunk of your gains WILL be taken by the IRS. Learn to protect yourself in this module.


Module 3: Asset Protection, Probate Avoidance, Tax Deferral

Rule #1 of Trust Club: Keep your privacy, shield your assets, avoid probate, and defer up to 90% of your taxes in perpetuity. This is where you find out just how to do it.


Module 4: LLCs vs Trusts and Private Foundations

Learn how conventional wisdom about LLC protection is very flawed and incomplete vs a proper trust. Also how private foundations can add more layers of protection.

Advanced Capital Gains & Asset Protection course


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