Personal Trust

Included With Your Personal Trust:
1. Procurement of EIN number for your Personal Trust. You'll receive the SS-4 Letter from the IRS within 24 to 48 hours of submitting your New Client Questionnaire to us.

2. Procurement of EIN number for your Wyoming PTC, including a C-Corp election.

3. Creation of your Non-Charitable Specific Purpose Trust to act as the sole Member of your Wyoming Private Family Trust Company (PTC).

4. Set up of Wyoming Private Trust Company as your Trustee.

5. Creation of the Operating Agreement for your Wyoming PTC.

6. One of our tax professionals will create, prepare, and file a Trust 1041 return for your Personal Trust for 2023. Limited to six (6) properties. Additional properties will be billed at $200.00 per property.

7. One of our tax professionals will create, prepare, and file a Personal 1040 return for you for 2023. (Limitations apply)

8. You will receive all documentation necessary to convey your assets and liabilities to your Personal Trust, including Bills of Sale, Assignment of Note, Warranty or Quit Claim Deeds, and other Asset Transfer documents.

9. You will receive your individually created Personal Trust eBinder (PDF format) with all the necessary documentation for your records.

10. You will receive your individually created Personal Trust Binder with all necessary documentation for your records, including the custom Abundance Group Trust Keepsake Box to store your Trust in and an Abundance Group Trust pen.

11. You will receive six (6) Morgan Silver Dollars in an elegant plastic sleeve as a one-time gift from your Settlor to fund your Personal Trust and create the initial corpus of your Trust (roughly 150 dollars in value, depending upon the price of silver).

12. You receive the services of our Real Online Notary to notarize your Personal Trust Instrument and all documents included within it (she can also arrange for a Mobile Notary to come to you if that is more convenient for you).

13. Four (4) hours of consulting with your Trust Advisor, who acts as a Strategy and Implementation Coach. You can use this time in 30-minute or 1-hour increments at any time over the next 12 months so that you are able to get advice anytime new issues arise, i.e., assets are bought or sold, or Trust Operation questions arise, etc.

14. You will receive our Trustee planner that outlines in detail the names, account numbers, and locations of all Trust and personal important financial information and important documents, etc., so your Successor Trustees can be up and running immediately upon the death of the Trustee.

15. Access to the VIP Client area where you will find conveyance forms, recordings of the Open Office Hours Twice Weekly Calls, a database of 100+ Q&A relating to the use of your Personal Trust, and a continually growing library of articles, case studies, and other helpful information for getting the greatest leverage from your Personal Trust.