Here's Why You NEED The Abundance Group Trust 2024 Support Packageā€¦

*Price increases in 2024, so act soon for big savings!

The 2024 Support Package includes:

* Access to the LIVE Q&A Calls on Mondays (Business Trust/Foundations), Wednesdays (Personal Trust), Wednesdays and Fridays (Personal Trust)

* Replays of the Q&A Calls in audio, video, and full text through the Weekly Podcasts and the new Client Services Portal!

* A Trust Advisor to assist you when you need individualized help or you have questions in between calls. You can reach them via text, email, or one-on-one call!

* OUR CLIENT PORTAL HAS OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED! Abundance Group Trust has invested over $850,000 to get access to the SalesForce Financial Services Platform. It's now easier than ever for you to browse or search transcripts of the Q&A Calls, training podcasts, Trust documents, schedule a call, upcoming events, and much more in one secure platform!

Features coming in the near future include: a detailed knowledge base, chatting with your Trust Advisor, a forum to communicate with other clients, and more!

Bonus #1:

One hour "Leverage Call" with Dr. Gina! You can use this to get strategic help for growing your business! ($500 retail value, but truly PRICELESS to your bottom line!)

Bonus #2:

The Abundance Group Trust "Trust Watch Program" provides you with an updated Trust whenever it's necessary due to changes in law or changes in circumstances

Bonus #3:

 Live! Our 2nd Annual Mastermind and Networking Event will be held May 6th-9th, 2024 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Resort in Tampa, Florida. The event includes speakers who will teach you basic wealth-building strategies, networking sessions to better know your peers and create partnership opportunities, and information to help you better understand options for structuring your Trusts for maximum leverage. 

*(Registration for the 2nd Annual Mastermind and Networking Event is open now! Grab your Support Package and SAVE $2,000 per ticket!

Why You Need The Abundance Group Trust Support Package:

  • Keep your trust up-to-date with "Trust Watch"
  • The all-new Client Portal through Salesforce (Browser access only. Our mobile app will launch before third quarter)
  • Easy access to our growing knowledge base
  • Live calls and replays for any support or questions you have
  • Easy access to all of your documents in one place
  • Access to the new Workflow Manager for implementing your Trusts

Order Today!

Personal or IP Personal Trust


(Price goes up to $3,497 in April 2024)

Business and Personal or IP Personal Trust


(Price goes up to $4,997 in April 2024)