Here's Why You NEED The

Abundance Group Trust 2023 Support Packageā€¦

The 2023 Support Package includes:

* Access to the LIVE Q&A Calls on Mondays (one week is Business Trust, the next week is Foundations), Wednesdays and Fridays each week

* Replays of the Q&A Calls in audio, video, and full text through the Weekly Podcasts and the new Client Services Portal!

* A Trust Advisor to assist you when you need individualized help or you have questions in between calls. You can reach them via text, email, or one-on-one call!

Coming in 1st Quarter:

NEW! CLIENT PORTAL! Abundance Group Trust has invested over $200,000 to get access to the SalesForce Financial Services Platform. It will make it easy for you to browse or search the ever growing knowledgebase, the transcripts of the Q&A Calls, and get to the trainings. It will even give you a way to Chat with your Trust Advisor or Tax Advisor!

Bonus #1:

One hour "Leverage Call" with Dr. Gina! You can use this to get strategic help for growing your business! ($500 retail value, but truly PRICELESS to your bottom line!)

Bonus #2:

The Abundance Group Trust "Trust Watch Program" provides you with an updated Trust whenever it's necessary due to changes in law or changes in circumstances

Bonus #3:

The first LIVE, in Person Mastermind Event, that will be held in Florida, in the 2nd quarter of 2023. the event includes speakers who will teach you basis wealth building strategies, "Hug Seats" that will help you better understand options for structuring your Trusts for maximum leverage, and facilitates networking sessions to help you get to know your peers and potentially do deals with them! (After 12/31/2022, tickets to the Mastermind will be an additional $2,500! But your ticket is FREE when you register before that!)

Why You Need The Abundance Group Trust Support Package:

  • Keep your trust up-to-date with "Trust Watch"
  • The all-new Trust Portal through Salesforce
  • Easy access to our growing knowledge base
  • Live calls and replays for any support or questions you have

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