June 13


Trust Update for 2nd Quarter 2023

June 13, 2023

Can you believe we finished the 2nd Quarter of 2023 already? It seems like I sent the last quarterly update out a week ago! Yet, it's been 3 months since you last heard from us.

If you are receiving this update, it means that you are either in the first twelve months after receiving your Trust, or you have purchased the Annual Support Package.

If you're approaching the one-year mark after getting your Trust, make sure you sign up for the 2023 Support Package! You can do so at www.AbundanceGroup.com/2023Support. That page will also tell you everything included with the Support Package.

So, what's new or improved during the 2nd Quarter of 2023? Here are the updates:

  1. The first “Annual Wealth Building, Mastermind & Networking Event“ is coming up on July 23rd through July 26th!
  2. Updated Personal Trust Ready for Release
  3. New Personal Trust Demand Note Interest Procedure (MUST READ!)
  4. Get Help When You Need It!

Ok, let's dive into each of these in more detail…

  • The first “Annual Wealth Building, Mastermind & Networking Event“ – July 23rd through July 26th, Hard Rock, Tampa, FL 

In January, we announced that we will be holding the first “Annual Wealth Building, Mastermind & Networking Event“!  It takes place at the Hard Rock Resort and Casino in Tampa, Florida on Sunday, July 23rd through Wednesday, July 26th, 2023. We kick things off on July 23rd with a “Networking Cocktail Party” at 7 pm.

Each day, you can expect a few speakers sharing investment opportunities, mindset tips for growing wealth, other ways of generating passive income in your Trust(s), facilitated networking sessions, mastermind sessions, and panel discussions. 

Our event photographers are setting up a station where you can get updated, professional headshots for a nominal fee.

Imagine what you'll get out of being in a room with 149 other people who are all using their Trusts to grow their wealth, protect their assets, mitigate their taxes, and leave a legacy for future generations!

There are 3 ways to secure your ticket to the event:

  1. If you invested in your Abundance Group Trust after July 23, 2022, your ticket is included at no additional cost!
  2. If you have the 2023 Support Package, your ticket is included at no additional cost!
  3. If neither of the above applies to you, you may purchase a ticket.

Regardless of which option applies to you, you will need to reserve your seat at:


There is a $97 per person Registration Fee. This covers the cost of breakfast and lunches each day of the event.

Feel free to bring your Spouse, your Adult Children, your Successor Trustee, your lawyer, or your Tax Professional. There's no need to buy another ticket for your guests. But, you will still need to take care of the $97 Reservation Fee for each of your guests.

Reserve your seat now at:


After reserving your seat(s), you will be redirected to a new page to book your hotel room. 

We’ve secured a block of rooms with special rates for our attendees. The blocked rooms are limited and sold on a first-come/first-serve basis. We highly recommend reserving your room sooner rather than later!


  • Updated Personal Trust is Ready for Release

We are about to release the updated Personal Trust. Here are a few of the changes:

  • It will be formatted differently, with more schedules, to make it easier to update in the future without having to execute your Trust all over again.
  • If you have a Co-Trustee, the Co-Trustee continues as a Fiduciary even if the first Trustee passes away or resigns. (In the past, you had to list the Co-Trustee as a Successor Trustee in order for them to keep their role.)

Watch for an email containing a link to the “Updated Client Questionnaire”. You will need to provide us with the names of the individuals you wish to be in the Trustee role, Trust Protector role, and Beneficiary(ies) role(s). We will go over how to complete this on the call at noon eastern on Friday, June 9. So make sure you join us if you have questions!

Until we receive your Updated Client Questionnaire, we cannot create your updated Trust! Please get it back to us asap!

Once your Updated Trust is ready, it will be uploaded to your ShareFile folder. You'll receive an email from ShareFile with a link to your updated Trust. You'll also receive an email from RightSignature.com with a link to a Trust Approval Form. You will need to sign the Trust Approval Form before we can finalize your Trust for you.

Please watch for these emails! 

NOTE: Only clients who are either in the first 12 months of their Trust or who have the 2023 Support Package will receive an updated Trust through our Trust Watch program. If you need the 2023 Support Package, you can get it now at: www.AbundanceGroup.com/2023Support

  • New Personal Trust Demand Note Interest Procedure (MUST READ!)

As you probably heard in Personal Trust Training Call #6, we announced that interest in your Demand Note would be taxed in the year after it accrued. As I'm sure you can imagine, everyone who heard the training was ready to find a way to get their assets out of their Trust.

So, after talking to people in my network, we found a solution that is 100% legal and it won't cause issues with either an audit or a lawsuit that tries to go after assets in the Trust.

The step by step process can be found in the Training Podcast if you are in the first 12 months of your Trusts or if you have a support Package which you can get at www.AbundanceGroup.com/2023Support. 

This solution is rock solid in terms of what the IRS expects to happen with the interest. Even if you have a large Demand Note, this solution will mean minimal taxes due over a ten year period.

If you have questions on this, jump on any of the Wednesday or Friday calls at noon eastern and I'll get them answered for you!

  1. Get Help When You Need It

Where can you get help when you need it?

The best solution is to jump on any of the Q&A Calls. They take place on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at noon eastern. The Monday calls alternate each week between Business Trusts or Foundations. The Wednesday calls are more advanced Personal Trust questions. The Friday calls are for more beginner questions. These calls are all on Zoom. The audio, video, and text are all kept in podcasts which you get access to for the first 12 months of your Trust or if you have a current Support Package which you can get at www.AbundanceGroup.com/2023Support.  

If you still need help after all of the above, reach out to your Trust Advisor.


I hope you will be joining us at the event in July! We are all excited to meet you and all of our clients!

At the event, we will be demoing the new Client Portal. Those attending the event will get access to it before anyone else! If you haven't reserved your seat yet, do so asap at:


Until then, join us on our weekly Support Calls to stay up to date with what's going on in the world of Trusts!

To Your Abundant Success!

Dr. Gina Gaudio-Grace


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